In the business of Shopify dropshipping, one strategy on how to find winning products is to look for successful dropshipping stores and spy on their winning products and test them on your own general store.

The up side to this is that you will be testing out products that you know are already selling since another store is already having success with it and it will cut down your research time in half.

The down side is that – if the other stores have already been selling it for a few days, weeks or even months then the potential of the product being saturated already is very high.

The Shopify dropshipping store that I am featuring below is being run by some of the top tier Facebook ads masters – as seen with some of the campaigns they are running – which is in the tens and hundreds of millions in views and impressions. I do not know who runs them – you may dig in deeper in your own time, but I will focus on which products they are currently selling and their Facebook ads strategies. 

Here is Shopify dropshipping stores that are currently earning potentially millions in revenue monthly:

top shopify dropshipping store

The screenshot above is from their All collection – and as you can see their products are more of general novelty and fun items. Again, we see a general store format where they can test out a lot of different products. Some beginners can’t start because they over-analyze which niche to choose. That’s why I recommend starting out with a general store to test more products without being limited by the product category or niche. It works!

One thing to notice about Blue Crate’s product photos is that they feature the product in actual use and not the typical white background photos. This makes the products more “real” and also give more color to their site, since they use a very basic but fast loading Shopify theme.

Why do top-tier Shopify dropshipping stores like use basic themes? This is mostly due to optimizing for mobile devices. I’m sure you have experienced clicking links on your Facebook feed, and the site tries to load directly in Facebook’s built-in web browser but it takes more than 5 seconds and you click on the back button because you can’t see anything on the browser. This is what Bluecrate has tried to eliminate by using very minimal and fast loading Shopify theme.

Website speed test

A product page in Bluecrate loads in 3.87 seconds based on Pingdom tools.

Their conversion-optimized Checkout page:

This is not your default checkout page – they have done some code-level customization to their Shopify checkout page. If you have tried to customize you checkout pages, you know its almost impossible to add the elements encircled above. It takes some javascript skills and poking around with your theme files to add in the elements that Blue Crate has in their checkout page. These elements have been proven to add urgency and confidence to the potential customer so that the person has the highest possibility of completing the checkout process.

Blue Crate Facebook Strategy

Now, don’t take these “theories” of their strategy as facts – I just analyzed how they structured their Facebook page, videos and ads on how I see them and how I “experienced” them in my other Facebook accounts.

The way they structure their Facebook videos is that – they use the Facebook page “Fake Outrage“, as shown in the screenshot below:

shopify dropshipping facebook ads

Notice, they do not use their brand name “Blue Crate” but a somewhat “viral” sounding title – “Fake Outrage”.

Also notice – their page is a Show Page – a page that features shows or seasons in the form of videos. The Show Page format is actually only available if you apply for it in this page. It is a big key to their strategy of growing their video views organically.

They currently have more than 1.7 million page likes, and all the videos they output have more than 1 million views.

Here are some of my theories to their Facebook ad strategy:

  • They target a very broad audience to maximize the engagement and lower the CPMs
  • They retarget the ones who have viewed their video for a certain length of time – low CPCs
  • They retarget visitors of their store – also low CPCs
  • They structure their videos like seasons on Netflix shows – once you view the Episode one (a product video ad), it is highly likely that the Episode two will autoplay next (another product video ad). This allows them to even lower the cost of the customer actions, leading to a high Return On Ad Spent (ROAS)
  • They are very aggressive with their Facebook ad campaign.
  • The videos are well produced and not your generic “downloaded from Youtube” videos. They actually use the same actors in most of the videos, hence Facebook considering it as a “Show” page.

Who’s involved in running this Shopify dropshipping company (the staff)?

  • Product researchers – they research for potentially winning products in Aliexpress, eBay, Taobao, etc and curate the ones that are not yet seen on the market but have an appealing or “viral” potential.
  • Product uploaders and description writers – the descriptions on their product pages is very well crafted, thus having a dedicated staff only working on the descriptions
  • Video producers / Product photographers / Media content creators – these are the ones who shoot the videos and create the well edited video ads or “shows” and the unconventional style of product photos
  • Facebook ad managers – they are the ones who setup the ads, turn off the low performing ones and scale up the winning campaigns
  • Customer support – they take care of fulfilling the orders, answering customer queries, and also managing engagements or comments in the social media accounts
  • Team leaders – they are responsible for the flow of tasks within the teams
  • CEO / Owner – they do the executive decisions, take care of the staffs’ salaries, buy lambos or travel around the world, but they work hard too!

The is the work of a pro dropshipping company and might take some more time for the beginners to be able to implement. They have a massive system in place and looks like they are not going anywhere. If you believe that dropshipping is dead, just think of companies like BlueCrate sailing along their dropshipping journey in the sea of profits.

Nonetheless, you can get a lot of strategies that you can implement on your own based on how they run their campaigns, see how they operate and what it takes to be successful in the Shopify dropshipping business.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!