Shopify Dropshipping has been a big trend in the past 2 years now, especially for those who want to be their own CEOs. But you’ll need to take a deep dive into researching for the best products to sell, what niche to target, where to get suppliers, etc. One of the quickest ways to get more information on these points is to take a look at the most successful Shopify Dropshipping stores that are successful right now. We will be able to determine that these stores are dropshipping their items based on these criteria: 

  1. Their shipping times are 2-4 weeks
  2. Their products are available on Aliexpress

We determine that these shops are successful using one determining factor – traffic. If they are receiving a massive amount of traffic, it implies that they have put in a lot of investment in order to gain that traffic – either through paid traffic or SEO.

We gathered the traffic information from the website – an online tool where we can determine the top Shopify stores based on traffic. We analyzed the list and filtered out the acutal dropshipping stores by visiting the shops and looking for the criteria above.

Note: this post will constantly be updated when there are new stores that qualify in the list.

For Shopify dropshipping beginners, you can browse these sites to see what they are doing right, get inspiration for your own store’s setup, browse their best selling products, and ultimately gain knowledge with their strategies that you can implement on your own business.

Here are the Top 12 Shopify Dropshipping Stores right now based on their traffic:

#11. – 5,730 visitors per day

top shopify dropshipping store fashion store

“Our store “Oshoplive” was created by some passionate people who love retro, bohemian, hippie, gypsy, tribal, kaftan and medieval styles in 2010. “

The products on this shopify dropshipping store is in the women’s apparel niche. Facebook likes: 471,746 – Instagram followers: 36.4k followers

#10. – 5,990 visitors per day

top shopify dropshipping stores general niche

This shopify dropshipping store sells general products. Also note that the template they use is very simple and minimalist. Facebook likes: 71,081

#9. – 6,650 visitors per day

This watch store has a branding on their watches to increase the perceived value, but we still determined it as a dropshipping store because of the shipping times. Facebook likes: 6,342 – Instagram followers: 2,850 followers

#8. – 6,840 visitors per day

shopify dropshipping store general niche

Another dropshipping site that proves you don’t need a very expensive and complicated design with your store – they just have the right elements and massive amount of targeted traffic to convert their visitors. They sell general and trending products. Facebook likes: 11,671

#7. – 7,170 visitors per day

top shopify dropshipping stores

This shopify dropshipping store gets at least 7000 visitors per day, most are women since they are selling women’s apparel and accessories. Their site uses a basic theme and their top products with a price range of $14-28.

#6. – 7,630 visitors per day

top shopify dropshipping store niche

The designers of this shopify store have spent quite some time to make their landing pages look really good and appealing to visitors. This effort seems to pay off well since they are receiving more than 7,600 visitors daily. They sell beauty related products, and seems like they have partnered with their supplier to private label their best sellers. They are a full blown beauty brand. On their FAQs, they have indicated that shipping times can take a full 7-10 days but not including weekends. This is an example of how to take your dropshipping business to the next level. Customer support is top notch and their social media presence shows their scale. Facebook likes: 72,920 – Instagram followers: 197k followers

#5. – 7,890 visitors per day

top shopiy dropshipping store hair extensions wigs

Another shopify dropshipping store that focuses on women’s products, specifically: wigs, hair straighteners and hair accessories.  Facebook likes and Instagram followers cannot be determined.

#4. – 8,000 visitors per day

top shopify drosphipping store swimwear

This shopify dropshipping store focuses on swimwear for men. The shopify theme they are using is a free theme, and they are also using apps from Beeketing. They are also using the free+shipping model in selling their products.

#3. – 8,100 visitors per day

top dropshipping general stores

Another general shopify dropshipping store that sells products from different niches. Some of their top selling products are the Magic Cosmetic Pouch and other trending gadgets. Facebook likes: 7,662

#2. – 8,100 visitors per day

“Established in 2015,Buykud is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and production of casual loose fitting garment,shoes,bags,necklaces and so on.We are located in Guangzhou,China,with convenient transportation access.As a result of our excellent quality products,reasonable price and outstanding customer service,we are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world and get a good customer satisfaction.”

This shopify store is directly connected with Chinese suppliers since they are already located in China. Their products are mostly apparel for women, the best sellers include long dresses and bags. Facebook likes: 669,140 – Instagram followers: 159k followers

#1. – 9,070 visitors per day

The top shopify dropshipping store with the highest average daily visitors is a general store. The site design is pretty basic and their payment option is Paypal. Digging deeper in their brand, seems like they are still just starting out – currently have 788 Facebook likes and 187 Instagram followers. They have registered the domain name on  January 2018 and are already advertising really hard through Facebook. Here are some more stats about their store (from

Here are some generalizations that we can incur from looking at the top shopify dropshipping stores based on traffic:

  • General stores are effective in generating traffic and revenue, since you’ll be able to test out trending products without being limited to your niche
  • Niche stores are more about creating a brand that targets a more specific audience, which increases the perceived value of the products
  • The design of the store plays a part to some extent – but basic and minimal design can still be effective if you can bring in the targeted traffic
  • The main traffic source that works right now for ecommerce is through Facebook
  • The next step from dropshipping is private labeling products or creating derivatives of products that you have already proven as winners

There are still a lot of Shopify dropshipping stores that are successful even if they are not bringing in the similar amount of traffic but its a good measure on the effort that the business puts into driving targeted traffic into the store to generate a substantial amount of revenue. This just proves that Shopify dropshipping still works and its a business model that should not be ignored.