Product research is one of the most important steps when starting out your Shopify dropshipping journey. You cannot start your Shopify dropshipping store if you do not know which products will sell best. Use this 6 tips for finding high selling or “winner” products that you can promote in your store immediately: 

  1. Buzzsumo – simply type in the product that you want to promote and it will show pages or articles that are “viral”, and check out these pages where your chosen product or niche
  2. Aliexpress best selling list – you can see the hottest selling products on their Aliexpress best selling list. If you simply search “necklace” and sort them by Orders, you can immediately see the necklaces that has the highest number of orders.
  3. – on this site, you can see the the Shopify websites that are getting high traffic. On the “Detailed Search” box, under “IP Owner/Parent IP Owner/Hosting”, choose the company “Shopify, Inc” and it will show the top 500 Shopify stores currently. These listed stores are not all dropshipping store, the top ones are brand stores ranging from Yeezy, Kylie Cosmetics, and Gymshark. But if you scroll deeper into the list, you will be able to determine some domains that sound like General stores. Click on those and look at their best selling items.
  4. Amazon – Amazon is the #1 ecommerce store to date and you can use that to your advantage. Check the best selling items on Amazon, check out a product that you like, and check on Aliexpress if that product is available there.
  5. Pinterest – you can do a simple search on Pinterest for the product or niche that you want to sell on your dropshipping store, and check out hot products that have a high engagement and multiple searches. Counter check on Aliexpress if that product is available and start promoting.
  6. Google – type in the search bar “.myshopify + [Your product or niche]”. For example, I want to sell cat necklaces, I would search for “.myshopify + cat necklaces” and this will bring up Shopify dropshipping stores that are selling the product that you are planning to sell. You can now check out these sites, look at their best selling products or even copy their setup or make it even better on your store.

I hope these 6 methods has helped you in looking for products that you will sell on your Shopify dropshipping store. If you have other methods that you want to share, do give back to the community and share your tips in the comments below!