How To Stand Out from the Dropshipping Marketplace: Bundle Your Products

All over the blog posts, newsletters, and even on Youtube – people are saying that “Dropshipping is dead”. They claim that 99% of dropshipping businesses fail within the first 3 months, because the market is saturated – everyone is selling the same thing to the same audience.

To stand out, you have to be creative – your dropshipping store should offer something more valuable than others. One of the tactics that I’ve proven to improve conversion rates in stores is bundling products together. I’ve been implementing this tactic to almost all of the Shopify stores that I’ve worked on and it always works!

To give you an example: I worked on a health supplements Shopify store previously – not dropshipping. They were selling the same products as any other store in their niche – same brands, same items, same market. Their product bundling is what made them stand out and gain more conversions. If someone was looking for “Protein Shake A”, he can just go to the other online stores who were selling it, but we market it as “Get Protein Shake A with Vitamins A for only an extra $2!” and that improved the conversions and even raised the average order value!

Another example: in the travel niche Shopify dropshipping store that I own – I sell traveler jewelry. Everyone else is doing Free plus shipping, but the way I promote it – I do not just promote Necklace A and blast it into Facebook ads and Instagram influencers. Instead, I promote it as “Necklace A + Necklace B + Necklace C for only $25 + Free Shipping”. It works!

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I hope this post inspires you to try bundling on your store. Or if you have already been doing it, let me know in the comments how it’s been working out for you!

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