100%  FrEE GUIDE:

These 5 very simple steps are what you need to push your Etsy business to the next level. Let's get on with it!

  • Step 1 - Sign up with Shopify (free trial for 14 days) Here - every entrepreneur knows that in order to scale up, you need to take "massive action!" If that massive action takes 2 minutes of signing up on Shopify for free - there is no excuse - Just do it!  If you haven't heard of Shopify yet - its the ecommerce platform that all successful businesses are using, from high-end brands like Kylie Cosmetics to homegrown Etsy brands.
  • Step 2 - Setup your store theme and logo - Shopify's interface is very easy to navigate - just go to the Online Store tab, select a free theme, and customize that theme and logo to your liking. Can take you 10mins to couple of hours depending on how you want your site to be.
  • Step 3 - Upload your products - If you have just a few items on your store, then you can do this manually one by one.  You can also upload a CSV file of your products and import them into Shopify. Or you can use the Shopify app EasyImport.
  • Step 4 - Setup your payments - Paypal is the easiest and most popular payment solution - no setup costs, just click to enable it! Or you can setup Shopify Payments to lessen the reductions from your profits. You can do this by going to the Settings > Payments option in your Shopify admin.
  • Step 5 - Download my FREE PDF guide on the "Perfect Etsy to Shopify Setup & Marketing to 10x Your Profits" - just place your email below and I will forward it to you - you can download it instantly after you click on the blue button

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