When directing traffic to your ecommerce site through targeted ads, you don’t just link up your audience to your homepage – you give them the direct link to your product page. Your product page serves as your “landing page” or the first step to your sales funnel. To maximize the conversion rates, you have to make sure that the product pages contain these four elements:

  1. High quality (high resolution) product images – You can have a professional take actual photos of your product or edit it as best as you can to make sure the background is pure white, no other watermarks or supplier branding (if you are dropshipping) and include photos that show the product being used in real life.
  2. Trust badges / buyer confidence indicators – These are your security images and “value added services” to your customers. Why would they buy from you instead of Amazon? Maybe you offer free shipping, free item, better deals, loyalty reward, etc. If you have any of these – make sure to let your audience know in the product page.
  3. Social proof – These are your reviews, testimonials, customer Instagram or Facebook posts. Show your audience that other people trust your site, other people actually use your products & people’s real reviews are being provided. There are a lot of popular Shopify apps are available for this purpose.
  4. Prominent Add to Cart button – Its very easy to make your ATC button the same shade of blue or green as your header texts or your logo – but based on my experience and online experiments, its important that your ATC button stands out and catches the eye’s attention.

These tips are very actionable and can immediately be implemented into your ecommerce sites and have proven to increase conversion rates. I highly recommend you check your product pages if these 4 elements are present and take action if you need to!