How to Grow Your Instagram Account Fastest, Most Targeted (and Free) Way

Instagram is currently one of the best ways to show your authority in your niche. Generally speaking, when a visitor comes to your site, one of the things they check when considering buying something on your site is the number of social media followers you have – more often they check your Instagram followers and your Facebook Page likes. If you have a decent amount of followers, that signals to your new visitors that you are a credible company and other people are trusting you.

Here are the exact free methods that I use to increase the Instagram followers in my shop’s account:

1. Create a shop Instagram account BUT don’t your products in your posts first! Give your audience a reason to follow you – have a purpose. Why should they follow you? Let them know that through your Instagram name and description. Don’t sell to them right away – build up your followers first!

2. ‎ Don’t post anything about your products on your feed – create posts that your audience can relate to. If your shop is in the food niche, post food pics or even better – short videos. If you’re site is about cats – post cat memes or quotes. To start, create at least 20 posts before you do the next step.

3. ‎ Follow another account related to your niche. Then click on that accounts followers, and follow the first 20 account. Then go to another account related to your niche, and follow the first 20 accounts following them. The reason is that the first 20 are the most recently active in the followers list – the further down you go, potentially the lesser active they are and lesser chance they will follow back.

4. ‎ Repeat this process within the day BUT be careful not to do it so fast – Instagram will ban your account for abuse. I have tried adding at least 100 per day consistently within the day doing this method and have not received a ban yet.

5. ‎After 12 hours, post at least 10 items again on your account so you have fresh content. Then do the same process from Step 3-5.

Remember : you need to post content that your audience will relate to so you can get engagements.

If your followers have reached past 2,000, you can now start testing out posting your products. When posting products on your account, keep it live for only at least 24 hours. This is to keep the integrity of your account and not to turn off new followers. You don’t want to show your ads to possible followers.

It’s a pretty simple process and it’s also free. I encourage this method of growing your Instagram followers because it is free for those who are just starting, and also you are actually growing a following that is actually within your niche. You just need to be consistent with your efforts – daily posts, daily follows, daily updates – that’s what your followers want to see on their feeds.

Let me know what is your current strategy in growing your Instagram followers for free. Like & Share this content if you think this is helpful, and until the next blog post!

Product Research – How to Find Top Selling Products for Your Shopify Dropshipping Store (6 Ways)

Product research is one of the most important steps when starting out your Shopify dropshipping journey. You cannot start your Shopify dropshipping store if you do not know which products will sell best. Use this 6 tips for finding high selling or “winner” products that you can promote in your store immediately:

  1. Buzzsumo – simply type in the product that you want to promote and it will show pages or articles that are “viral”, and check out these pages where your chosen product or niche
  2. Aliexpress best selling list – you can see the hottest selling products on their Aliexpress best selling list. If you simply search “necklace” and sort them by Orders, you can immediately see the necklaces that has the highest number of orders.
  3. – on this site, you can see the the Shopify websites that are getting high traffic. On the “Detailed Search” box, under “IP Owner/Parent IP Owner/Hosting”, choose the company “Shopify, Inc” and it will show the top 500 Shopify stores currently. These listed stores are not all dropshipping store, the top ones are brand stores ranging from Yeezy, Kylie Cosmetics, and Gymshark. But if you scroll deeper into the list, you will be able to determine some domains that sound like General stores. Click on those and look at their best selling items.
  4. Amazon – Amazon is the #1 ecommerce store to date and you can use that to your advantage. Check the best selling items on Amazon, check out a product that you like, and check on Aliexpress if that product is available there.
  5. Pinterest – you can do a simple search on Pinterest for the product or niche that you want to sell on your dropshipping store, and check out hot products that have a high engagement and multiple searches. Counter check on Aliexpress if that product is available and start promoting.
  6. Google – type in the search bar “.myshopify + [Your product or niche]”. For example, I want to sell cat necklaces, I would search for “.myshopify + cat necklaces” and this will bring up Shopify dropshipping stores that are selling the product that you are planning to sell. You can now check out these sites, look at their best selling products or even copy their setup or make it even better on your store.

I hope these 6 methods has helped you in looking for products that you will sell on your Shopify dropshipping store. If you have other methods that you want to share, do give back to the community and share your tips in the comments below!

25 Pro Tips for Dropshipping Beginners

If you are just starting your dropshipping journey, testing out the waters or just had your first “Free + Shipping” item purchase, then you have probably realized by now that dropshipping is not an easy way to make money. It requires capital investment to setup your online store, a few more bucks to get your ads rolling, and even more cash if you are still testing out products. You should be ready to lose money upfront in order to get things right, find the right marketing tactic that works for you or find that ultimate winning product that will bring in the sales.

But if that lets you down, then maybe dropshipping is not your cup of tea. Now, if you are determined enough and prepared for this business, let me share with you my 25 pro tips for dropshipping beginners. These are not ordered in any way, but you may pick out the ones that you can immediately apply to your store.

  1. Stop watching “youtube dropshipping gurus”, you’ll get into an endless loop of analysis-paralysis and you will not get anything done.
  2. Your site should be “complete”. Test it out on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Does it load properly? Can people even checkout? Check the shipping rates, tax rates, payment setup. Make it complete before launching it.
  3. If you are dropshipping from Aliexpress – only choose products that are already selling (more than 100+ orders) and the rating of the seller is high.
  4. There are other sites to get dropshipping products other than Aliexpress. You can also dropship from Ebay.
  5. Buyers want to see testimonials on the product page – import testimonials into your store or manually add them.
  6. Always add in 5-star ratings to your products.
  7. Add in an exit optin email capture form when you start getting traffic. Check out Privy – its what I use in the stores I work on.
  8. Make the logos simple & on point – no crazy designs or hard-to-understand fonts. Look at all the other logos of the fortune 500 companies: Facebook, Apple, Google, Instagram – simple.
  9. If you are selling on UK, use “Add to Basket”, on all other countries: use “Add to Cart”.
  10. Search for your competitors – search what their best-sellers are and try to market those first.
  11. Fill the product descriptions with all the selling points of the product but present it as a good read – you can check how the Iphone 8 product page is written.
  12. Consider the 3 most popular paid advertising platforms for ecommerce: Facebook ads, Instagram Influencers, and Google Adwords.
  13. The word “FREE” increases conversion rates – “free shipping”, “free t-shirt”, “free book”, free necklace” – include it on your ad campaigns.
  14. Buyers shop around, they look at other shops or on Ebay and Amazon for the product that you offer. Let them know you have the best pricing online, or give them a better deal than your competitors.
  15. Don’t use the color RED on your Add to Cart button, unless your theme color scheme is in the shades of red. Red, in psychology, signifies danger – and has been proven to decrease conversion rates.
  16. BLUE is the most clickable color on the web.
  17. Add videos to your product pages. You can probably find a product demo on Youtube if you are selling a trending product.
  18. If you have not ordered from Aliexpress before, try it out right now! So you know how the product arrives to your customers.
  19. Avoid using the word “cheap” or “cheapest”, this triggers a sense that your product is of low quality.
  20. Make sure your site at least have a Facebook page and an Instagram account.
  21. When you receive orders, make sure to fulfill them on the same day that they ordered – this reduces the delay in shipment and avoid chargebacks, which can be costly to your merchant account.
  22. Do not forget customer service! Once someone asks for their tracking number, update them within at least 24 hours.
  23. Be honest with the shipping times – list it in your Shipping FAQs, and link that to the bottom of the product pages.
  24. “Free Shipping”, “30-day Money Back Guarantee”, “Secure Checkout” – do not forget to indicate these in all of your pages.
  25. These pages are required on every ecommerce website: Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Refund Policy, FAQs, Contact Us. Make sure your dropshipping store has them.

All big dropshipping sites started small, so don’t fret if you have not yet had success with yours. Check what you can apply from these tips and keep working on your store. Dropshipping is very profitable if done right, it is not easy, but the possibilities and returns are limitless.

How To Stand Out from the Dropshipping Marketplace: Bundle Your Products

All over the blog posts, newsletters, and even on Youtube – people are saying that “Dropshipping is dead”. They claim that 99% of dropshipping businesses fail within the first 3 months, because the market is saturated – everyone is selling the same thing to the same audience.

To stand out, you have to be creative – your dropshipping store should offer something more valuable than others. One of the tactics that I’ve proven to improve conversion rates in stores is bundling products together. I’ve been implementing this tactic to almost all of the Shopify stores that I’ve worked on and it always works!

To give you an example: I worked on a health supplements Shopify store previously – not dropshipping. They were selling the same products as any other store in their niche – same brands, same items, same market. Their product bundling is what made them stand out and gain more conversions. If someone was looking for “Protein Shake A”, he can just go to the other online stores who were selling it, but we market it as “Get Protein Shake A with Vitamins A for only an extra $2!” and that improved the conversions and even raised the average order value!

Another example: in the travel niche Shopify dropshipping store that I own – I sell traveler jewelry. Everyone else is doing Free plus shipping, but the way I promote it – I do not just promote Necklace A and blast it into Facebook ads and Instagram influencers. Instead, I promote it as “Necklace A + Necklace B + Necklace C for only $25 + Free Shipping”. It works!

I hope this post inspires you to try bundling on your store. Or if you have already been doing it, let me know in the comments how it’s been working out for you!