Shopify VS Amazon VS eBay for Dropshipping – What to Choose?

Whenever any person chooses a product, secures suppliers as well as legally establishes their business, the following step would be to begin selling. After that, you may be required to choose how you may get the products within the view of any probable customers. There may be a few sales options that may become available for a lot of people. Anyone may choose just one but others may combine selling them on their personal online selling website including other websites such as Amazon or eBay.  Continue reading

A Wildly Successful Shopify Dropshipping Store EXPOSED – Strategies Analyzed so You Can Implement Them Today!

In the business of Shopify dropshipping, one strategy on how to find winning products is to look for successful dropshipping stores and spy on their winning products and test them on your own general store.

The up side to this is that you will be testing out products that you know are already selling since another store is already having success with it and it will cut down your research time in half.

The down side is that – if the other stores have already been selling it for a few days, weeks or even months then the potential of the product being saturated already is very high.

The Shopify dropshipping store that I am featuring below is being run by some of the top tier Facebook ads masters – as seen with some of the campaigns they are running – which is in the tens and hundreds of millions in views and impressions. I do not know who runs them – you may dig in deeper in your own time, but I will focus on which products they are currently selling and their Facebook ads strategies.  Continue reading

How To Remove The Paypal Button in Shopify’s Cart Page & Checkout Page

Let me tell you – anyone who is using Paypal Express Checkout with Shopify is complaining about this issue: the sticky Paypal button at the cart page and checkout page.

If you have been looking for a solution around the web, you might actually have been to these Shopify forums posts where no one figured it out and everyone is just annoyed or suggesting to look into another ecommerce solution. But – that is not a good solution since Shopify is the best ecommerce solution in my opinion, it just has this minor quirks which we can fix.  Continue reading

Shopper Psychology – Learn These & Become a Better Marketer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you thought about why batteries are located near the checkout in the grocery? Or why almost all of fast food establishments have the same colored interiors? Have you ever had an “impulse” buy online with a product that almost spoke to you and played with your emotions up to the point that you said to yourself “I need this”?

This is the other side of marketing – Shopper Psychology. There are experts and companies that study the elements that influence a person to buy – online or offline. has created this very detailed infographic all about Shopper Psychology – read through it and I’m certain you can implement some of these ideas into your own business:

Shopper Psychology

Best Niches for Print-On-Demand? These 25+ Niches With Facebook Audience Targeting Are Proven Buyers Already!

If you’re looking into creating your own brand through selling originally-designed t-shirts, hoodies, caps, mugs, phone cases, shoes, or almost any kind of product – then you’ve definitely been considering the Print-on-Demand model. There are a number of POD companies that are offering great products and services, but one of the main concerns you will have from the start is researching which audiences are willing to buy. Sure, you can definitely create designs for husky lovers and target them in your Facebook ads, but why not check first which niches are already proven to sell and not go in blindly with your testing.

Here’s our list of 25+ Print-on-Demand niches with Facebook Audience Targeting that have already been proven to sell:  Continue reading

Top 11 Shopify Dropshipping Stores Based On Traffic (With Real Stats)

Shopify Dropshipping has been a big trend in the past 2 years now, especially for those who want to be their own CEOs. But you’ll need to take a deep dive into researching for the best products to sell, what niche to target, where to get suppliers, etc. One of the quickest ways to get more information on these points is to take a look at the most successful Shopify Dropshipping stores that are successful right now. We will be able to determine that these stores are dropshipping their items based on these criteria:  Continue reading

Looking for Business Name Generators? Here’s the Top 10 Online Business or Brand Name Generators

I ususally have clients who want to get started with their Shopify Dropshipping business but don’t have any idea yet on their store brand name – you might be in the similar situation. Especially in the ever-increasing market of general and niche ecommerce businesses, its harder to find a catchy and available domain name for your own online store. Luckily, you can use any of these business name generators to give you inspiration and find your brand name easier and faster. Continue reading

Four Elements You Must Have In Your Product Page To Maximize Conversion Rates

When directing traffic to your ecommerce site through targeted ads, you don’t just link up your audience to your homepage – you give them the direct link to your product page. Your product page serves as your “landing page” or the first step to your sales funnel. To maximize the conversion rates, you have to make sure that the product pages contain these four elements: Continue reading

How to Grow Your Instagram Account Fastest, Most Targeted (and Free) Way

Instagram is currently one of the best ways to show your authority in your niche. Generally speaking, when a visitor comes to your site, one of the things they check when considering buying something on your site is the number of social media followers you have – more often they check your Instagram followers and your Facebook Page likes. If you have a decent amount of followers, that signals to your new visitors that you are a credible company and other people are trusting you.

Here are the exact free methods that I use to increase the Instagram followers in my shop’s account:  Continue reading