If you are just starting your dropshipping journey, testing out the waters or just had your first “Free + Shipping” item purchase, then you have probably realized by now that dropshipping is not an easy way to make money. It requires capital investment to setup your online store, a few more bucks to get your ads rolling, and even more cash if you are still testing out products. You should be ready to lose money upfront in order to get things right, find the right marketing tactic that works for you or find that ultimate winning product that will bring in the sales. 

But if that lets you down, then maybe dropshipping is not your cup of tea. Now, if you are determined enough and prepared for this business, let me share with you my 25 pro tips for dropshipping beginners. These are not ordered in any way, but you may pick out the ones that you can immediately apply to your store.

  1. Stop watching “youtube dropshipping gurus”, you’ll get into an endless loop of analysis-paralysis and you will not get anything done.
  2. Your site should be “complete”. Test it out on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Does it load properly? Can people even checkout? Check the shipping rates, tax rates, payment setup. Make it complete before launching it.
  3. If you are dropshipping from Aliexpress – only choose products that are already selling (more than 100+ orders) and the rating of the seller is high.
  4. There are other sites to get dropshipping products other than Aliexpress. You can also dropship from Ebay.
  5. Buyers want to see testimonials on the product page – import testimonials into your store or manually add them.
  6. Always add in 5-star ratings to your products.
  7. Add in an exit optin email capture form when you start getting traffic. Check out Privy – its what I use in the stores I work on.
  8. Make the logos simple & on point – no crazy designs or hard-to-understand fonts. Look at all the other logos of the fortune 500 companies: Facebook, Apple, Google, Instagram – simple.
  9. If you are selling on UK, use “Add to Basket”, on all other countries: use “Add to Cart”.
  10. Search for your competitors – search what their best-sellers are and try to market those first.
  11. Fill the product descriptions with all the selling points of the product but present it as a good read – you can check how the Iphone 8 product page is written.
  12. Consider the 3 most popular paid advertising platforms for ecommerce: Facebook ads, Instagram Influencers, and Google Adwords.
  13. The word “FREE” increases conversion rates – “free shipping”, “free t-shirt”, “free book”, free necklace” – include it on your ad campaigns.
  14. Buyers shop around, they look at other shops or on Ebay and Amazon for the product that you offer. Let them know you have the best pricing online, or give them a better deal than your competitors.
  15. Don’t use the color RED on your Add to Cart button, unless your theme color scheme is in the shades of red. Red, in psychology, signifies danger – and has been proven to decrease conversion rates.
  16. BLUE is the most clickable color on the web.
  17. Add videos to your product pages. You can probably find a product demo on Youtube if you are selling a trending product.
  18. If you have not ordered from Aliexpress before, try it out right now! So you know how the product arrives to your customers.
  19. Avoid using the word “cheap” or “cheapest”, this triggers a sense that your product is of low quality.
  20. Make sure your site at least have a Facebook page and an Instagram account.
  21. When you receive orders, make sure to fulfill them on the same day that they ordered – this reduces the delay in shipment and avoid chargebacks, which can be costly to your merchant account.
  22. Do not forget customer service! Once someone asks for their tracking number, update them within at least 24 hours.
  23. Be honest with the shipping times – list it in your Shipping FAQs, and link that to the bottom of the product pages.
  24. “Free Shipping”, “30-day Money Back Guarantee”, “Secure Checkout” – do not forget to indicate these in all of your pages.
  25. These pages are required on every ecommerce website: Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Refund Policy, FAQs, Contact Us. Make sure your dropshipping store has them.

All big dropshipping sites started small, so don’t fret if you have not yet had success with yours. Check what you can apply from these tips and keep working on your store. Dropshipping is very profitable if done right, it is not easy, but the possibilities and returns are limitless.